Pawn and Collateral Loans - Get Cash Quickly!

 Guitars for Pawn Shop Loans


Securing Financing is Easy 

Bring in an item and we will evaluate it. Based on the second hand value, we present you a loan on the item or offer to buy it from you. Once we have agreed upon a price, we will need either a valid ID, driver’s license or passport. We will write you a loan for up to 6 months, secure your merchandise and provide you with a receipt. No payments are due until you either pick the item or the 6 months have expired. The rates are state regulated and posted on this site. Give us call or stop on by and we will answer any questions you have.

Advantages of a Collateral Loan

  • Immediate access to funding
  • No credit checks
  • No income requirements
  • Loan amount flexibility 
  • Use your own assets to secure your loan